this happens quite often

I’m starting to become disenchanted with this blog. I’ve picked up and moved operation to another platform. Feel free to follow me there.

bookmarks ftw yeah?


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upcoming attractions

Movies that I need to watch:

  • (500) days of summer
  • adam
  • whip it
  • julie & julia
  • paper heart
  • alice in wonderland
  • where the wild things are
  • funny people
  • district 9
  • inglourious basterds
  • new york, i love you

Shows to attend

  • Priscilla Ahn
  • Joshua Radin

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day tripper

Went for a stroll through Bloomer park with Grace and Jennifer. Grace and I used to run through this park for cross country practice. There were plenty of trails and hills to explore within the expansive area. However, the mosquitoes were unrelenting and we didn’t make it very far before calling it quits. We walked out looking like pin cushions. I managed to get a few shots during the time we were there.

flower girl

pocket full of sunshine

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turning a new leaf

It’s odd to think that on the same day that I closed the chapter on something dear to me, I embarked on the beginning of something new.

Firmiana simplex

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depth of wonders

There’s something serene and strangely exhilarating about watching this clip. I could sit there and watch the fish swim for hours

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i haven’t hit rock bottom yet

ranking(via lowselfesteemgenerator)


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rite of passage

It was one of those things that I’ve wanted since I was a child. Everyone around me had one, why couldn’t I have one? My parents would always staunchly disagree with me. They couldn’t understand why I needed this. Years would go by and the idea would be left to the wayside but the desire never waned. Finally, in an act of rebellion I pulled the trigger. I bought myself a pet all to myself. My life was complete.

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